About Our Kits

Easy To Assemble

Our kits consist of a 11" x 17" canvas with a 40x60 grid of lettered dots and sheets of 1/4" Pixel Dot Stickers lettered to match. Assembling is as simple as matching a lettered Pixel Dot Sticker to a lettered dot on the canvas. Since our Pixel Dot Stickers are round, orientation does not matter. Additionally, the lettered dots on our canvases are slightly smaller than our Pixel Dot Stickers making alignment a breeze. With our kits, there is no mess and no small parts to lose.

Unique Designs

We work with talented artists to develop designs specifically for our custom color palette and 40x60 dotted grid. Our designs cannot be found anywhere else.

Color Palette

We experimented with hundreds of colors and manufactured dozens of test kits to find 24 colors that are vibrant and versatile enough for any design. Each color is assigned a letter of the alphabet to make identifying and matching colors easy.


Our 11" x 17" canvases are made of professionally printed 14pt gloss cardstock. Each canvas contains a 40x60 grid of lettered dots that match the letters of colors in our color palette. That's 2,400 Pixel Dots in total.

Also, we know you’ll want to display your work. So we’ve taken care to place all of our information off to one side and have included a cut line that makes removal easy.

Pixel Dot Stickers

Our 1/4" Pixel Dot Stickers are printed 50 per sheet on premium BOPP sticker film. We tested numerous adhesives to find a good balance of adhesion and removability in case of mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, we all make them. So we include a minimum of 10 extra Pixel Dot Stickers per color in each kit.

Shipped Flat

All of our kits are shipped flat. We do not roll our canvases. For larger orders we use sturdy 12"x18" boxes and for smaller orders we use name brand Stayflat Mailers. Each kit is packed in a 1.6 mil artwork bag along with a 22pt chipboard pad for stiffness and protection.